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Brand Strategy & Identity Design | Shopify Web Design and Development | Copywriting | Product Illustrations | Icons

Cards & Stars

Cards & Stars is an online shop offering Tarot and Astrology consulting services using ancient practices for unique views on modern problems. The challenge was to create a brand that was modern and light, and move away from the cliche look and feel of the occult genre. Their purpose is to empower through storytelling, resulting in deep connection, making changes, and moving forward with calm confidence.

Add-on Business Card

Having an online store is great, but you still need a business card when you're IRL (In Real Life) to handoff to your next potential customer. We offer add-on graphic design services for creating business cards, stationary, PDF design, package design, and more for all our clients. We also advocate for using sustainably sourced printing practices and supporting local unionized printers whenever possible.

Products are the Services Offered

In this case study, not every product on a Shopify site is a "thing" but instead, it's a service they provide. Having a visual to illustrate your services in a creative and meaningful way is one of our specialties. Here we've illustrated the services of Tarot, Astrocartography, and Personal Consultations.

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