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Stories on Earth

Founded by an award winning journalist, Stories on Earth is an online shop that offers writing workshops for people who want to write –no experience necessary. These unique writing sessions help to discover your own story by using a deceptively simple process that starts with a prompt and scribbling as fast as you can to bypass your ever-judging brain. The results are not simple at all. It takes courage, it's powerful and meaningful. Their purpose is to provide a safe online space for a small group of people to share words in a judgement-free zone for those willing to be vulnerable and to listen, empowering people to feel better and tell their stories.

Animated Logo

This animated logo created a lot of fun and attention online when it was used in email campaigns and announcing on social media the launching of the the new site. It was also used on the "Coming Soon" page and garnered a lot of pre-launch emails from interested writers and prospects.

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