Want to Work Together?

Like attracts like... 

  • You are a passionate purpose-driven business owner or organization that believes in taking care of yourself, your co-workers, your products/services and the world around you.
  • Your branding and/or web design is your current biggest need right now in your business.
  • You know the value of design and how critical it is to attracting your ideal audience.
  • You have a working understanding of who your ideal audience is.
  • You understand that for web design, the Shopify platform is best because being able to easily update your content, have 24/7 support, and manage it yourself or by your staff, is very important.
  • You're motivated and ready to be led through a step by step process and invest 4-6 weeks for branding and another 4-6 weeks for web design. Because solid quality work is one of your values.
  • You're a (mostly) cheerful, positive, heart-centered person who believes that giving back and bringing in revenue is an achievable reality.

If all of this has you nodding your head, I'd love to hear from you. 
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