Brand strategy is about defining a plan to build the best relationship possible with your intended audience

Here's How We Can Help You Do That

Brand Strategy on a Budget

Get a 1:1 brand strategy session for purpose-driven business owners motivated to get clear about their brands verbal messaging, and visual direction, but aren't quite ready to invest fully in a custom brand identity design and website.

This service is for you if...

• You're struggling with creating brand messaging on your own and need a pro's perspective
• You're shifting your business practices and values to being more climate conscious and eco-friendly
• You need help defining your brands visual style
• You're entrepreneurial side is wanting to take the next step in getting started and bringing your idea into reality.
• You're a young business looking for a solid plan to pitch to investors.

Brand Strategy on a Budget Includes:

• One on one, 1.5-2 hour virtual Zoom Brand Strategy Session

• Assessing your existing brand if you have one. Discussion about your business goals, who you serve, what is your purpose, what are your values, why your business exists, and how you're going to do it.

• Verbal Messaging –words and phrases you'll use to attract your ideal audience using storytelling principles.

• Visual Direction for your brand style with a moodboard, photography, font and color palette suggestions targeted to attract your ideal customer.

• A Brand Strategy Direction Guide. A 30+ page PDF that synthesizes, refines, and combines everything we discussed in our strategy session with tons more market research and creative thinking to set your brand apart. You'll have clear storytelling verbal messaging, as well as a visual design direction. This will be your trusty reference guide whenever you want to pitch, promote, create content, or market your new (or renewed) brand so you can move forward with confidence, clarity, and consistency.

typical timeline:  2-3 weeks

investment: $850

Here's an Example of a Brand Strategy Direction Guide

For this client, a small raw vegan Juicery and Cafe business they wanted their customers to not only experience fresh organic, raw healthy juices, but to be able to offer locally sourced produce, and use sustainable glass bottles in their packaging. This created both argicultural support and minimal impact packaging for their community and customers as well. This will download as a PDF