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How I Give Back


Trees: I Hug Them

I'm based in Pheinix, Arizona, and I'm happy to support Trees Matter Because if you've ever visited Southern Arizona, home to the uniquely beautiful Sonoran Desert, you know it gets hot. With all the urban growth, we also need to equally support tree growth and the shade that native trees can give. Trees Matter tirelessly works to bring those trees to our expanding urban areas as well as in our neighborhoods. 

Trees Matter is a Phoenix-based 501(c)(3) environmental education nonprofit, founded in 2015, whose mission is to inspire and promote an increased tree canopy in the Valley.

They encourage a culture of tree advocates and stewards by providing important resources and programs to the general public so they can properly choose, plant, care for, and of course advocate for trees. 

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to design their brand. I really believe in what they are doing, how they are educating and making our community a better place to live and thus a better world for us all. I donate in-kind design services to them as well by creating custom illustrations and graphics for some of their marketing materials.

If you too are a business owner, I would like to encourage you to give back to your community. Whether it's locally where your business is located, or perhaps where your products are being made? Supporting each other mindfully through commerce locally and globally makes all the difference in moving forward to a more equitable and sustainable world for all.