Do You Want to Grow Your E-commerce Business, Impact, and Profit?

There’s a collective realization about the negative impact that e-commerce is having on our world –and it's changing the way people shop online. People want more ethically sourced, eco-friendly, sustainable products, plastic-free and waste-free packaging, and carbon offset shipping choices. And we do too!

That’s why we're working with purpose-driven business owners who are aligning (or realigning) their priorities with an authentic and integrated commitment to people, planet, and profit in mindful ways.

Designing a sustainable product brand and an e-commerce site that clearly defines your heart-led business doesn't just happen by itself. It takes creative collaboration, clear communication, and thoughtfully looking at your business's values, and purpose.

do you want to increase sales for your environmentally friendly products?

You have a brilliant product that you know the world needs. Chances are that most of your efforts are spent in marketing and driving more traffic to your online shop.

• But.. What if people are coming to your website and leaving? You only have 10 seconds to make the right impression.
• You need to stand out in the growing marketplace of conscious ethical brands and transform your online presence.
• You’re not sure how to clarify your brand's messaging and when and where to use it on your website for the best user experience and highest conversion rates.
• Perhaps your existing brand needs to be restructured to convey your growth and commitment to being more sustainable and you want your brand to authentically reflect that change.

case study

“My favorite thing about working with Teresa are the moments we shared creating the Brand Strategy. The discussions clarified the businesses philosophy and purpose that brought it all to life. She captured it in the designs and in a clean high-end website. I’m most thrilled about the logo suite, everytime I look at it I love it more.

Oh! and best of all, immediately after launching my online sales increased by 300%”

Kathryn Mitchell | Founder, Cards & Stars

Our Services

How We Can Help

Branding | Strategy & Research


• Do you simply want to get clear on your businesses purpose and ideal customer?

• Want to be fully confident and prepared to pitch your brand to investors?

• Are you struggling to make your brands messaging work?

• Having a hard time visualizing your brand style?

• Have you outgrown your brand and looking to realign with more transparent and environmentally sustainable values?

You'll receive the same brand strategy and research as in our core package but without the design of a brand identity. This service will lay the foundation of your brand and save you money so you can grow your business enthusiastically and confidently with your brand's strategy, messaging, and design direction plan in place.

best for: Purpose-driven business owners and entrepreneurs motivated to get clear about their brand's verbal messaging, and visual direction, but aren't quite ready to invest fully in custom brand identity and a website.

what's included:

+  Brand Strategy Session

+  Brand Messaging & Visual Design Style

+  Brand Strategy & Direction Guide PDF

typical timeline:  2-3 weeks


Branding | Strategy & Research | Identity Design


We get started with brand strategy: We work together to organize your ideas and structure your brand. We give you the clarity, confidence, and creativity to distinguish your business and share it with the world.

You're dedicated to the eco and ethical e-commerce space and we believe that the message you share should match that of your heart using storytelling principles with your ideal customer in mind. It truly is a transformative process.

This comprehensive full brand package includes immersive research, and all the verbal and visual components you will need to stand out and connect with your audience.

best for: Passionate, purpose-driven, eco-friendly product-based businesses ready to get seen, heard, and make an impact.

what's included:

+  Brand Strategy Session

+  Brand Messaging

+  Brand Identity

+  Brand Strategy & Direction Guide PDF

+  Brand Style Guide PDF

+  Brand Assets Digital Deliverables

typical timeline:  4-6 weeks

Branding | Strategy & Research | Identity Design


You get the best of both worlds —set your business up for success with custom unique brand strategy and identity design, and a strategically effective Shopify website.

Your website is the workhorse of your business, and often the first impression people have with your brand. With your businesses brand strategy and design in place, you'll be able to effectively invite your customers to take action, so together you can make an impact and a difference.

Make sure your online presence is built on a strong, sustainable, and solid foundation like Shopify. It's rated highest in security, 24/7 support, offering marketing solutions to grow with, and best of all, easy to quickly update and manage all by yourself or your staff.

All websites are built on the Shopfiy platform so that you have total control of your site when our time together is complete. We’ll make sure that your site is consistent and incorporated with your new branding and is mobile-optimized, so that your work shines, no matter what device it’s viewed on and bring in sales 24/7.

best for: Passionate purpose-driven businesses who have already achieved some business success and can justify investing more to level up to increase sales and conversions! For businesses who want to have a clear, heartfelt, high-end online shopping experience that smart savvy customers expect and will happily return to again and again.

what's included:

+  Brand Strategy Session

+  Brand Messaging

+  Brand Identity

+  Brand Strategy & Direction Guide PDF

+  Brand Style Guide PDF

+  Brand Assets Digital Deliverables

+  Website Strategy Session

+  Website Design wireframes/mockups

+  Website Development

+  Website Tutorial Training

typical timeline  8-12 weeks


Our Easy

4 Step Process to Your New Branding and Shopify Store

STEP 1. Brand Strategy & Research:
We'll start off with an in depth 1.5-2hr business strategy Zoom call session where you tell all you can about your business –what you sell, who you sell it to, your passion and purpose and why it's so important.

Then we'll do the rest –all the deep immersive research into what sets your business apart. We take on the strategy and storytelling messaging to attract your ideal customer to inspire them to take action. We synthesize and combine all this information and put it into a Brand Strategy & Direction Guide PDF.

This document will contain your Brand's Goals, Purpose, Values, Ideal Audience/customer Information, Brand Messaging, Brand Positioning, Website Strategy, and a cohesive Design Direction with Moodboard, fonts and color suggestions. 

STEP 2. Brand Identity Design: Once you've approved the Brand Strategy & Direction guide PDF, your brand's identity design begins!

You will be presented with a design concept for your brand that includes Primary and Secondary logos, Submark, Favicon, Patterns and Icons if applicable, color palette and font selections. This is a co-creative process so feedback and refinements are of course welcomed (though most often not necessary because together we've nailed it in the previous Direction Guide).

You'll receive ownership of all the digital assets and a Brand Style Guide for reference to keep your brand solid and consistent. Share with your marketing team or post on your social media to announce your new brand and build some excitement and anticipation for the coming launch of your new website! Yay!

STEP 3. Website Design & Development: Once your brand identity is done, we put together a mockup with powerful website strategy, user experience, and your ideal customers in mind. You will be guided throughout the creative step by step process and we'll have a few consultation calls for collaborative feedback via Zoom.

STEP 4. Website Launch! You've been working hard and planning this for a while and now's the time to celebrate and show the world! After your website is launched, I'll walk you through the backend, showing you the ropes of Shopify and equipping you with resources, confidence, and pride to shine and manage this site all on your own!

Ready for a brand + e-commerce website that attracts your ideal environmentally-conscious-customer, causing them to take action, make a difference and bring in sales?

Not Your Typical Designer

I’ve been working in the creative fields of art and design for over 20 years. I love learning and growing. From fine art and publishing to UI/UX in tech, I’ve been telling stories, designing, and developing concepts and ideas, solving complex problems and offering solutions that have been seen by millions online and off. Respecting the natural world of form and function, and right-brain-left brain-creative thinking is my thing.

I know firsthand how challenging it can be to stand out from the crowd, to be different and think differently than the status quo, yet also have the ability to thrive within it.

At the intersections of art, design, and technology, I take pride in building and developing brands and websites that help make the world a better, more sustainable place. You deserve a partner that will not only help you reach your goals, but to exceed them. It’s time to redefine success with a unique solid brand and high-end website that truly reflects your meaningful and mindful business.

We don't just design brands and websites. We're passionate about designing for a better world.

All you need is to partner with a design studio like ours who can help you create an online presence for positive environmental impact and a positive ROI.

Imagine the kind of impact strong branding and a Shopify store can make

You'll have return customers who love to refer, share, and support your cause.

• You will attract the right customers who resonate immediately with your purpose and feel great about buying from you and being part of the growing movement of conscious consumers.

• You'll be providing consumers with more in-demand eco-friendly, environmental and ethical choices.

• Your sustainably mindful and intentional business will inspire your audience to take action and make positive change.

Case Study

“We wanted a strong brand to represent the values of our new business. Teresa's designs gave us the confidence to launch! Teresa is hard working and conscientious. She goes above and beyond to find the best solution - not just to please her clients but also to meet her own artistic standards. I highly recommend Teresa!! Any company is lucky to work with her.”

Julie Ray | Co-founder, Create Protest

We're a small but mighty design studio

We only take on 1-2 clients at a time to allow our best concentrated and creative attention for successful design and development results. Our process equips our clients with the clarity and assets they need to take their branding wholeheartedly into all their marketing avenues. Typically we book 1-2 months out.

Are you ready to stand out and make a difference?

We'd love to meet you, say hi!

No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, we're here to help. We believe in progress over perfection and taking your business on a strategy-led step-by-step approach to a carbon-neutral future together.

Case Study

"After I launched my website, I got a lot of positive feedback from my followers of how easy it was to sign up for my writing workshops, how it reflected my personality perfectly and how well done the site was as a whole. They especially liked the animation, which was the ultimate Teresa- touch."

Janet Kornblum | Founder, Stories on Earth

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