Sell more of your eco-friendly products with this checklist!

Follow these six concepts, each with their own checklist, to ensure you are growing your ecommerce business mindfully for people, planet, and profit.

1. Rember Your "Why"
Conscious consumers are curious by nature. Are you sharing your story with your potential customers –why you started your eco-friendly business?

2. Creating Copy That Converts
Are you using storytelling principles in your copy? Using emotional words emphasizing the problem your customers are experiencing before you sell the solution?

3. Necessary Details
Have you included all the necessary details of your eco-friendly product's size, secure payment info, certifications, waste free packaging, or any carbon offset shipping options?

4. Choosing The Right Photos
Are you using photos to help customers see themselves as the owner of your products and the positive environmental impact they make?

5. Create Transparency With Reviews
Have you encouraged your customers to leave detailed reviews? Verified Reviews create transparency and build trust that the product you’re selling is what you say it is.

6. Pitfalls to Avoid
Don't make the mistakes we've seen. There are many pitfalls eco-friendly businesses make on their product pages. These pitfalls are likely to make you lose a sale, credibility, and a future relationship with a new customer. 

7. Bonus! Additional Inspiration
We've gathered some of our favorite eco-friendly product pages to share with you to inspire your purpose-driven hearts and and your business-driven minds.