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Jacques Organic Reef-Safe Sunscreen

JACQUES is a brand that came into existence out of necessity, passion, and purpose. Female founded by a couple of Marine Biologists and lifetime surfers who believe in putting the environment first with everything they do personally and professionally.

Their purpose at Jacques is to challenge how we as a society think about sunscreen use, and to educate about the environmental costs of not using marine-safe ingredients and eco-friendly sustainable packaging. They are on a mission to create meaningful long lasting impact –as they help to change the world, with future generations in mind.


Adding custom illustration to any branding project increases its value for unique positioning and allows for abundant design nuances as in the various sections in the website above and a multitude of online and print marketing collateral. Custom patterns and illustrations will set your brand apart from your competitors, get you noticed, and be remembered.

Animation for Marketing

Animation in the form of video, movies, or simple Gif's draw immediate attention to viewers. A moving picture or graphic will stop scrolling, and get your message seen quicker in a more fun and delightful way. Use them on your website, social media, email, or any marketing channel.

20% of people will read text on a page, but 80% will watch a video. [source: 2019 Hubspot, Statista]

Animated Gifs for Marketing

Use movement to call attention to your brands values and get noticed by conscious consumers who are earnestly searching to find sustainable products.

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