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The Basetrip

This is a rebrand project for the tech software company The Basetrip. The Basetrip is a leading provider of the world's travel information for over 650 cities and 230 countries worldwide. It includes accommodation prices, embassy information, electricity sockets, currencies, costs of living, internet speeds, mobile data prices, vaccinations and more.

The re-brand goal was to emphasize the original mark of a logistical path and getting from one place to another. Incorporating the capital letter "B" with an in-line logistical path with points to mimic the feel and recognition of the original logo mark.


Business Cards

Having an online store is great, but you still need a business card when you're IRL (In Real Life) to handoff to your next potential customer. We offer add-on graphic design services for creating business cards, stationary, PDF design, package design, and more for all our clients. We also advocate for using sustainably sourced printing practices and supporting local unionized printers whenever possible.

Animated Illustration

More companies are using motion design on the web and across social media. As soon as something starts to move, it becomes much more engaging.

Animated illustrations extend brand storytelling. Subtle motion effects make text and photos more interactive.

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